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Product Description:

While a number of topical hair loss concealers boast claims of masking baldness, DermMatch is by far one of the best. DermMatch is a safe and easy way to cover-up thinning areas and instantly provides the appearance of a natural looking head of hair.

The best part about DermMatch is that it stays on through the thick and thin. You no longer have to worry how your hair looks when swimming, sweating, or even scuba diving. But don't worry, this seemingly indestructible concealer can be removed easily with any shampoo.

DermMatch application takes time, but with practice comes perfection and a beautiful looking head of hair to go with it.

DermMatch is available in 8 colors which includes White, Platinum Blonde, Silver/Grey, Red, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Black.


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How It Works:

DermMatch is an all natural product rich with emollients, botanicals, and natural ingredients derived directly from plants. No hair dye of any kind is used and is thus, safe for your hair. DermMatch colors your scalp to match your natural hair color (or hair color of your choice). It also coats and thickens thinning hairs, making them stand up and spread out for maximum fullness. No product in the world can make your hair look this thick and full. DermMatch works instantly for men and women of any skin color, hair color or hair type.

Developing Realistic Expectations:

DermMatch does nothing to stop the progression of baldness nor does it stimulate hair regrowth. Likewise, despite a few false claims, DermMatch also doesn't cause or facilitate hair loss or thinning hair.
DermMatch works best in men and women with thinning hair. Since genetic hair loss is unpredictable and progressive, it's recommended to consider treating hair loss with solutions proven to stop baldness. View a list of credible hair loss treatments we recommend.

To date, only surgical hair restoration is proven to grow hair in completely bald areas. You are invited to have a free virtual consultation with one of our prescreened hair restoration physicians.

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