This is my 1 month update. I shaved my head for 2 reasons. Reason number 1 i is that it makes the lenght of my hair the same all over my head. Reason number 2 i wanted to see how the scar really looks like. Its easy to have an undetectable scar when you have long hair. I think that my scar looks very good at only one month mark. I cant wait to see it again at the 12 month mark.

I have a spot where im bald right in the middle of my back. It is caused by an accident as a child. Its not because of shock loss. I would have liked that it was because then there would grow hair there in the future. But its easy to cover when i grow my hair longer. My plan is to never shave again lets se if i can succeed with that plan :)

I have been losing my hairs for some years. I have always been focusing a lot about the outside appearance. So it definitely hurt me a lot that I was going bald. In the start I was just crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t hit me totally. My sister studies pharmacology at the same university in Denmark as I study psychology she told me that MPB mostly binds to the x chromosome. I’m not sure that this is right though but I liked the theory as my dad is totally bald and my mother’s father still has some hair at the age of 76. Both lost a lot of their native hair in their start and mid 20´s but then my granddad hair loss almost stopped. I was hoping that it would be the same for me. A bit naïve as I have used a lot at coloring products with a lot of stuff that’s not good and I was a part of the dax wax generation. Also I have dealt with some amount of stress over a large period of my life. All these social factors combined should have enforced me to do something about my hair loss but I was in denial at some point. I have always thought that people that don’t have sufficient hair and still don’t shave looks stupid. So I told my friends that whenever I was getting too bald they had to tell me. One day I saw a photo from a party that showed me that I was going bald fast. I couldn’t style my hair and after coloring my hair I could see the scalp after very few days. That made me takes the decision to shave my hair. That was very good for me. Before I thought about losing my hair so many times a day that I was going nutz. I was always speculating if others could see that I was losing my hair. As I psychology student it was not hard to figure out that something was not right.I started using minoxidil and finasterid and so on to fight my hairloss. It helped me a lot that I started taking action to prevent further hairloss and regrow some hair. It feelt so good to fight it took the feeling of helplessness away. I have learned a lot from this experience and at some point I am happy that I have gone through this experience. I know that it sounds mad. It have made give a lot more notice to a person’s inner quality. It has also shown me that I have many other qualities than being a good looking person and even though I perhaps regain the good looks I don’t feel that it will be my best quality. As another user once wrote I am not Samson my strength do not reside in my hair. That’s very important to remember. Why then take medication and have a hair transplant if I feel so good about myself? Besides from me looks. The looks have some importance for everybody and it still is very important for me but no longer all important. I think that when there is a option to obtain what you want you would always consider pros and cons. And for me there are far more pros than cons to the two things – having a hair transplant and taking meds.


I Owe this forum a lot. If i havent read here i would never have started meds and minoxidil treatment and i would probadly have been buchered by some doc. When i first contacted one of the recommended docs on this forum dr Madhu he said i wasnt a candidate for a hairtransplant that made me post pictures on her to ask why he might have thought that. He never answered why he meant that even though i send several mails. Also i asked if he would consider performing surgery on me if i took finasterid and minoxidil for a period i never got an answer for that aswell. Many people on this forum told me to forget about restoring my hair that i had lost too much hair and that my hairlosspattern was too advanced. At that time those replies really hurt me. But it made me realize that i had to do more than just get a hair translant to be able to restore my hair. After learning more about hair transplant and meds its quite obvious but at that time i was a naive optimist thinking i could just get a hairtransplant and then everythimg would be fine. After seeing how much hair i restored with finasterid and minoxidil it also showed me that you really need to be careful when giving an assesment of if a person can restore ones hair. Ive proved my critics wrong i could restore much of my lost hair. 

I decided after much thought and a lot of consideration to get a hair transplant from Radha Rani. I know that she is not recommended here but I have seen a lot of good cases from her. And every question I send her she answered in a way that assured me that she is a top surgeon. I intended to go to Pakistan to get a hair transplant from Dr. Mohmand but that was in the start of the period where I have lost my hair. At that point I was desperate and therefore I wasn’t thinking right. I should have arrived the day they shoot Osama Bin Laden. Imagine how it would have been to be a 2 m height Scandinavian looking guy in Pakistan at a time where Taliban promised to make some terror actions. And recently an American reporter was kidnapped and killed. I would have been so anxious that It makes me sick thinking about. I decided together with my wonderful girlfriend to go to India instead. She has always wanted to go to India and me aswell.We plan to stay in India for 16 days including seeing Taj Mahal.