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1 photo - Posted 6 hour(s) ago by hadenough2014
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I had a big session with Dr. Paul Shapiro and his team on 10/17/2014.  The reason I chose Dr. Paul is because he and his brother ar...
Posted 13 hour(s) ago by Sanjay Parashar
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Hair loss problem is increasing these days in the world. There many reason for this problem to increase at a higher pace. Especially in...
5 photos - Posted 2 day(s) ago by cruze14
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Hi This is my first entry to the website.  I have been fighting the great battle now for 6-7 years and have finally gained the cou...
Posted 2 day(s) ago by SunnyCool3
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 Hi Folks, I sincerely appreciate & thanks HairRestorationNetwork for all the guidance & support.  The...
Posted 5 day(s) ago by Botros
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I need 3000-3500 grafts. I need help deciding. Which doctor would you choose? I've read several bad results from doganay lately, is this...
Posted 10 day(s) ago by Doritos
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. Hi , I wonder if I lost a graft . I saw a hair follicule with a scab and dry blood just 2 days after my transplant in the morning when...
4 photos - Posted 10 day(s) ago by HairYouGo
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    After spending a good number of years researching I finally came to the conclusion that Dr. Keser is the right choice fo...
2 photos - Posted 10 day(s) ago by apja7
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 I'm 20 years old and I'm worried that my hair is receding. However, I do not know if it just a mature hairline as my hair is ridic...
1 photo - Posted 10 day(s) ago by MrG-1981
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22 photos - Posted 11 day(s) ago by mplusf
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 I have done my FUE HT with Dr. Bhatti in Chandigarh India. I will keep posting the progress of the hair growth each month in this ...