Hey Guys,


Please find my HT progress, post 7 months. There has been a definite growth but density is less, but with the amout out hair Dr Radha was able to extract I think the conversion Rate is good. 


Earlier I would keep a shaved head look, which I am not keeping now, but the bad thing is now my crown is getting exposed ( I am surly gng for 2nd round of HT to cover the TOP )

What do you guys say.

Medication : Finpecia 1mg, 1 Tablet everyday

 Hi Guys,

Please find My pics post 3 months of HT, Its little too early to comment on what the final outcome would be.


But would still like to know your comments.




I am an 27 year male and was facing hairfall since the age of 22. I had never taken any medication

After a  long deliberation and research I went ahead with my HT with Dr. Radha on 3th April. Based on the breifing on 3rd evening, it was decided to target 3200 grafts and with that cover up my frontal head leaving the crown untoched for 2nd HT.

The HT started around 9 am in the morning and Dr. radha told me they were able to get around 2700 grafts only, but the god things was most of my grafts had 2 and 3 hairs and less number of single hairs ( Which was a good thing as I could get more density ).

Please refer to the Pictures for Pre and Post operation pictures.

Expert  comments are welcome.