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I am sharing the summary of my painful experience with Advanced Hair Studio. After a series of hair loss incidences, I finally decided to visit this studio. On the day of consultation, the owner Mr. Sanket showed me such a glorious picture...

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Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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In the last 5 years
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Norwood I
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I'm here for support

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Laser Therapy or Comb
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I am sharing the summary of my painful experience with Advanced Hair Studio. After a series of hair loss incidences, I finally decided to visit this studio. On the day of consultation, the owner Mr. Sanket showed me such a glorious picture and insisted that I should start the treatment ASAP. After a hefty payment of Rs. 1,84,000, I started with my Laser Therapy. The procedure which was suggested for my hair maintaince has got me in the extreme stage of baldness. These people have played with my money, my time and caused mental agony. After being fed up of the baseless assurances by their in house doctor and good for nothing client relations people, I decided to rip off the flashy mask and show people the reality of this studio.

I befriended few staff working with the studio and tried conversing with the other customers undergoing treatment who were equally unsatisfied. It has taken me a good amount of 3-4 months to collect the below mentioned information. If you are planning to visit them or starting your treatment, this is in your interest.

1. Consultation: All of you must have made several plans to visit AHS for a consultation appointment, many one who has already been for the appointment would agree with the information given by me. The moment you enter the studio you get amazed by the amazing interior of the studio. The well trained manager asks to wait for “some time” which usually goes up to anything from 60 to 80 minutes. In that while, the Front office people screens you from top to bottom about your watch, your mobile phone, brands of your clothes and most importantly the information of the car you drive (either the parking guy or the camera installed outside at the parking).

i. The consultant is basically a sales consultant with monthly targets, they are not Doctors. Not even anywhere close to medical field. They are basically losers from various professions including insurance, retails, banks, house husbands’ etc.
ii. They have crammed the sales pitch word to word. They don’t know anything beyond the pitch. No matter what you are, what your problem is all they know is to sell their product.
iii. They have no standard pricing for the treatment. The same treatment you paid a fortune for would be offered to someone at the one third amounts. The promotional or discounted prices scheme is nothing but a sales trick. So kindly use your own mind.

Beware don’t be lured by the fancy words they say, the celebrities they promote, the promises they give. Everything is a Trap

2. Advanced Laser Therapy: Ok after all the jargons about the various procedures you would be starting with the laser treatment putting your hard earned money into it. Honestly in past 3 years of operations in India AHS has not a single client who is happy about the results. Few if they arrange to gather are basically their own close knit people who are paid to give positive illusion. Few things you should be known before you get yourself into the Trap of AHS:
i. Laser procedure has never been proved effective by the clinical and other health institutions.
ii. Laser and its products are not FDA approved as claimed by the sales staff. It has been passed by FDA but on certain guidelines not maintained by AHS.
iii. The minoxdryl and the serenoa capsules are given to all clients without even knowing the side effects. Kindly Google the side effects for your interest.
iv. The laser products i.e. shampoo, serums, capsules, minoxdryl are not imported but manufactured locally in Gujarat.

3. Strand by Strand Surgical: This one is a complete disaster without any much change in the look.
i. The much applauded Doctors are nothing but jerks that are mincing hefty money making fool of people. Please consult the celebrities whom they claim to have done hair transplant for. That’s nothing but the sales gimmick. The fact is the celebrities are given invitations to enjoy services without any money (still many don’t turn up).
ii. Trust me for this if you have underwent a hair transplant from AHS, you will agree with me and must be feeling looted. One of my close friends working with the organization told me at NO POINT they transplant more than 1500 follicles!!! Now, even if you have paid around 5-7 lakhs you have made a fool of yourself. The same reason they don’t allow any relative to count the follicles.
iii. If you have gone out of budget to pay for their doctors’ trust me the doctor does his job only till the anesthesia does its work. After that he gets busy in his “extra” activities. Rest of the work is done by semi trained doctors team. I was surprised when my friend’s stitches were removed by their office boy!!
iv. It would be a blunder getting hair transplant done by AHS as the same doctors charge rock bottom prices when you get it done by their clinics. and you can test by yourself.

4. Strand by Strand Cosmetic: In short they are ordinary wigs bought from local market of Thailand and you can also buy higher quality wigs when you are there. There is no technology nothing is involoved. They are infamous abroad about these malpractices. many more can be searched online.

5. Flashpoints. Again very cheap versions are available in the market. You might find something with the better quality
6. Hair fibers can be bought at a very cheaper rate outside.

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