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Doctor Representative For:
Dr. Robert True
Second Doctor:
Dr. Robert Dorin
New York
Years in Hair Transplant Profession:
5 to 7 Years
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Advice for Hair Loss Sufferers Considering Hair Transplant Surgery:
Do not jump into this process. Do research on your surgeon before committing to a procedure, and do not be fooled by suspicously low prices from large corporations who have had less than remarkable reviews.

Doctor Representative Story

I was experiencing hair loss at a young age, in the late teens so I came to Dr. True and Dr. Dorin to discuss what my next steps should be. They told me at the time that I should begin rogaine and propecia to stop the hair loss and once I become stable I can proceed with a procedure. A few years later when I was 21 I had my first procedure, which came out wonderfully, but when I aged further at 26 more native hair began to shed. I went for a larger second treatment, totalling 3400 grafts with the first procedure. I was an early 5A on the Norwood scale and today I have a significant amount of natural looking hair and no need for another procedure for quite some time. Now I am a consultant for Dr. True and Dr. Dorin providing prospective patients with insight about the procedure that only a former patient can give, and pay it forward to others like me.

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