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Dr. Michael Beehner
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Saratoga Hair Transplant Clinic
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60 Railroad Place - Suite 102
United States
Saratoga Springs
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(800) 281-9198
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Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Eyebrow Transplantation, Prescriptions for Propecia, Free In-depth Consults

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Dr. Michael Beehner performs hair transplantation exclusively. He is well respected by his peers, not only for his results, but his research.

He is one of the leading teachers and researchers in the field of hair transplant surgery. In 1999 he received the prestigious Platinum Follicle Award from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery for the best research in the science of hair transplants, and in 2007 received the Manfred Lucas Lifetime Achievement Award from the ISHRS, the highest award given out by that organization. He was the recipient of four Research Grant Awards from the ISHRS in recent years.

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From 1999 to 2004 he chaired the examination committee for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and served as President in 2005. He has authored 13 chapters in various hair transplant texts and over 70 journal articles, many centered on his many research studies in the field.
He has also served as the co-editor for 3 years of the Hair Transplant Forum International, the principal journal in the hair transplant specialty.

His practice has been featured in a Discovery Channel one hour special on hair transplant surgery.

He performs both all-follicular unit procedures and also “combination” ones, which feature the use of approximately 80% FU’s (follicular units) and 20% DFU’s (double follicular units with 4-5 hairs per graft), all dissected by microscope. A typical “combination” session consists of around 1700 grafts (4500-5000 hairs) and a typical "all-FU" sessions is usually around 2000-2500 FU grafts.. Most patients come for two or three visits to achieve their ultimate density objectives. We also perform "dense packing," which often enables us to complete a man with a limited balding area, such as the frontal recessions, in one session.

In addition to transplanting males with hair loss, approximately 20% of his practice involves surgical hair replacement for females. In addition to these two large groups, other special interests are eyebrow transplantation, hair replacement for trans-gender patients, and repair work of old, detectable work from previous years. Examples of these results can be seen in the many photo galleries on-line at their website at

He operates exclusively out of his main Saratoga Springs office, but holds monthly consultations in Newburgh, N.Y. (near NYC). In 2017 Dr. Beehner's practice merged with the prestigious Williams Plastic Surgery group from the Albany area. Dr. Keimun Slaughter, a facial plastic surgeon, trained with Dr. Beehner for one year and performs hair transplant surgery 3 days a week in the Saratoga office.

Dr. Beehner does not charge for the initial consultation, which he personally gives (no salesman - no sales pressure). His clinic - Saratoga Hair Transplant Center - has a very warm family atmosphere and is in a beautiful area of New York bordering Massachusetts and the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

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