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Dr. Robert Haber
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> 10 Years
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Advice for Hair Loss Sufferers Considering Hair Transplant Surgery:
Below are warning signs that you may be dissatisfied with the results of your surgery. You should take all the time you need. Research the procedure and the surgeon thoroughly. If you're unsure, you should wait. It's never too late. When you're comfortable that this is the right procedure and that he or she is the right surgeon for you, then it's time to schedule surgery.

Dr. Haber's "Walk Away" rules:

If you are pressured into signing a contract before you feel comfortable - walk away!

If you cannot meet your hair transplant surgeon during your first visit - walk away!

If you suspect the doctor has inadequate training or experience - walk away!

If you cannot meet with or talk to several recent patients - walk away!

If the doctor guarantees a full, thick head of hair - walk away!

If you are told "Do it now, before it's too late!" - walk away!

If the doctor insists on using large grafts - walk away!

If your doctor charges by the hair - walk away!

If the doctor harvests round plugs - walk away!

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