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I have been losing my hair since my early 20's. I have responded well to medical treatments (DHT Inhibitors), to a certain degree, and I am now undergoing surgical hair restoration at Dr Rahal's Hair Restoration Institute located in Ottawa...

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Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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10 years +
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Norwood VI
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Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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This potent DHT inhibitor is not FDA approved for hair loss but is conjectured to be stronger than finasteride.

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My H.T. Journey with Dr. Rahal

5604 grafts with Dr. Rahal (July 11, 2011),

Created: 7/25/2011

Updated: Updated 6 year(s) ago

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My 5604 grafts H.T. with Dr. Rahal (day 18 update)

  My 5604 grafts HT with Dr. Rahal (day 18 update) I am now 18 days post-op from my hair transplant surgery with Dr. Rahal and I thought I would offer you all an update on my progress. For those who have read my previous post, you are already aware that I was extremely pleased with every aspect of the surgery. I am also happy to report that for the two weeks following the...

Created: 7/29/2011

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My Surgical Experience

  My Surgical Experience Monday, July 11 th 2011,                 After having a good breakfast and shower (it was to be my last real shower for a while), I headed to Dr Rahal’s office. It really is a mere 5 minute walk from the Foxbar Guesthouse. I arrived at the office at 6:30am as this was the...

Created: 7/21/2011

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