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Dr. Jean Devroye
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Dr. Jean Devroye
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HTS - Clinic , 36 Avenue de Tervueren
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0032 2 880 70 60
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0032 2 880 70 61
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Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Eyebrow Transplantation, Body Hair Transplantation (BHT), Prescriptions for Propecia, Free In-depth Consults

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Dr. Jean Devroye has studied follicular hair transplantation with the leaders in the USA and now provides ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation in Europe

Dr. Jean Devroye is passionately and exclusively dedicated to performing ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation and is one of a handful of leading physicians providing this advanced technique in Europe.

View highlights of our recent visit to Dr Devroye's clinic.

In 1999 Dr. Devroye moved to the United States and dedicated himself to mastering follicular unit hair transplant surgery. During this time he studied extensively with some of the leading hair transplant surgeons in North America.

After gaining both theoretical knowledge and experience with ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation, Dr Devroye decided to provide these advanced techniques to patients in Europe. He now performs his highly refined hair transplant surgery, using both FUE and strip removal, in Brussels but consults in Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

The very refined grafts that his staff creates are all carefully trimmed under microscopes. Dr. DeVroye uses tiny custom cut blades to create incisions that are as small as 0.6mm. This enables him and his staff to provide appropriate patients with high density results and quick healing. Dr. DeVroye's large and experienced staff also enables the clinic to perform large follicular unit surgeries of 2,500 to 3,000 plus grafts.

Dr. Devroye attends the conferences organized by the ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) as a board member. He was the Chairman of the ESHRS Congress, which took place in Brussels in June 2005. In addition, he also attends all the meeting organized by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

Dr. Devroye considers hair transplantation to be an art, with each case being unique. He is considered by his colleagues to be one of the most outstanding hair transplant surgeons in Europe. He speaks fluent English in addition to French.


•2007 : Paris ESHRS meeting. Live FUE surgery with Dr Ronald Shapiro and Dr Jerry Wong
•2006 : San Diego USA Poster ISHRS meeting
•2006 : Los Angeles Workshop : eyelashes transplantation
•2006 : Zurich Suisse Congrès ESHRS meeting, live surgery demonstration
•2006 : Orlando Workshop ISHRS
•2005 : Sydney Australia ISHRS meeting
•2005 : Brussels ESHRS meeting, chairman, live surgery demonstration
•2004 : Vancouver Canada ISHRS meeting
•2003 : Berlin ESHRS meeting
•2003 : New York USA ISHRS meeting
•2002 : Londres ESHRS meeting, live surgery demonstration with Dr Ron Shapiro
•2001 : Puerto Vallarta Mexique Congrès ISHRS
•2001 : Barcelone ESHRS meeting
•2000 : Hawaï Hawaï ISHRS meeting 1er price poster with Dr John Cole
•1999 : Paris ESHRS meeting
•1999 : San Franscico ISHRS meeting

Dr. DeVroye's website at offers an excellent presentation, in English, on all major options for treating hair loss.

Other websites in other languages:

France-Belgique-Suisse-Luxembourg :
Germany –
Netherlands -

To learn more about Dr. Jean Devroye, visit their hair restoration website.

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