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 How 4 weeks has flown over and I wanted to let you all know whats been happening to my hair since the op on the 14th December.


Week 2/3 - Lots of bloody scabs, the first time I properly washed my hair a little sharp hair follicle came out with what looked like a little crust, it was quite a shock as I had thought maybe I'd scrubbed my hair too hard and knocked out a follicle. That's not true after the first two weeks it's fine to shed and the follicle should have taken root. A couple of you have asked questions around what the routine is after the operation. I appear to have been quick lucky and have only a little redness. I swear this must be due to the meticulous following of instructions and the serums you get from Dr F and the clinic. So post op you get a spray to use which is quite oily and I believe softens the scabs and has a formula which also reduces the redness. Then you also get a moisturiser which worked wonders at lifting off the remaining scabs.


If you have any questions please let me know but for me week 2-3 involved getting rid of the scabs and cleaning up the scalp. I must say my donor area was healed and almost undetectable within 2 weeks so if you do take time off work don't worry all will be fine after 14 days (if you follow all the instructions!!)

A final tip for weeks 1-3 drink lots and lots and lots of water I have had minor swelling and I mean reall minor and other than also taking 200C of Arnica and following instructions the only thing I've done is drink lots of water.



week4 - this for me is the week of real shedding, I have had lots of hair falling out but I know this i all part of the process but for all of you that want 



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