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Charela Lee
Doctor Representative For:
Dr. Bernardino Arocha
Houston and Dallas Texas
Years in Hair Transplant Profession:
> 10 Years
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Advice for Hair Loss Sufferers Considering Hair Transplant Surgery:
Do your research. As you research, more questions will come to mind. Ask these questions during your consultation.

Doctor Representative Story

I am the Marketing and Public Relations Director at Arocha Hair Restoration. I have worked in the magazine and television industry for several years and have always a passion for aesthetic medicine and in particular haircare.

Photos and Blog Updates

Dr. Arocha 3 years POST FUT 2022

Created: 1/10/2014

Updated: Updated 4 year(s) ago

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African American Hair Restoration FUT 1368

This gentleman in his early 40's came to Arocha Hair Restoration to tackle the issue of AGA. The photos showcase his highlights from only 5 months after surgery.

Created: 1/9/2014

Updated: Updated 4 year(s) ago

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4 Year Post FUT 2085 FU

45 Year Old Male came to Arocha Hair Restoration for treatment of AGA of advancing hair loss, presenting with a Norwood 5/6. He wished to start his hair restoration with a small session of 2085 FU. He had a significant improvement early post FUT procedure at the 4 month follow up visit. He has not been seen in awhile and came in for follow up to consider restoring his crown area in the future...

Created: 1/8/2014

Updated: Updated 4 year(s) ago

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Dr. Arocha

Dr. Arocha Patient photos

Created: 1/3/2014

Updated: Updated 4 year(s) ago

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