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Hair transplantation is an accepted technique of restoring hairs on the bald scalp by different techniques such as follicular unit transplantation, follicular unit extraction (FUE), etc., But in many cases, the patients do not have a good donor area to serve the purpose. In such cases, we can use hair from the body e.g. transplant beard to head. Such types of transplantations serve to be called as Body Hair Transplantation. Body hair has been shown to grow longer when transplanted to the scalp, as a result of the influence of scalp dermis on the transplanted hair, also known as recipient influence.Though there is always some difference in texture & thickness of the hair taken from other parts of the body, but it actually gives distinct advantage in many cases like when there is a need to Achieve higher density but sometimes, it is very difficult because of the limitation of grafts that can be extracted from scalp in one sitting. Also, it is very useful in Some cases of burns.


Hair from Beard, Shoulders, Abdomen, Legs, Arms, the Underarm or Pubic area can be used for transplantation. The transplantation procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is actually of great advantage as it does not leave any scar behind at the end of surgery. The most suitable body hair is considered that of Beard because it matches exactly with the scalp hair and also because the beard hair is pretty good and permanent.





The following patients are more likely to consider body hair transplantation:


  • Those patients who have a very weak donor are. They are normally unsuitable for a normal hair transplant.

  • Those patients who have repeatedly undergone hair transplantations.

  • Those who have undergone some kind of Alopecia or some severe burns.





Here comes the second possibility of Body Hair Transplantation. If the physiological requirements are met, follicular units can be extracted directly from a different area of the body – chest, abdomen, arms or legs – and transplanted directly to the scalp.


FUE or follicular unit extraction is one of the most modern and advanced methods of hair transplantation, which assures results which are completely natural. With FUE, there are no incisions, which means that there are also no scars. Individual grafts are removed through a suction method and are placed onto the recipient site. Along with the advantage of no scar treatment, it also adds another advantage in its book that the healing time is minimal and people are able to return to their normal lives in no time.




  1. Local anesthesia is provided- after applying anesthesia gel, which is applied 40 minutes before local anesthesia is provided, local anesthesia is administered to minimize the discomfort or pain caused by the injection.

  2. Slits are made on recipient area- a very important and critical step where the surgeon makes slits on the area to be transplanted so that the grafts can be placed.

  3. Extraction of grafts- after the slits are made, grafts are extracted one by one from the permanent donor zone like from the chest, beard, or back of the scalp.

  4. Implantation of the grafts- the last step of the FUE, which is followed right after the grafts are extracted from the provided zone.

  5. Biotherapy- Steps of Biotherapy:

  • Blood is drawn from the body and transferred into the centrifuge tubes.

  • Blood is then spun carefully in a centrifuge which separates the blood components.

  • The platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp or bald area.

  • This platelet rich plasma acts like growth serum and helps to promote the hair growth.

There are numerous benefits of Bio-FUE and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Texture,as well as the growth of the transplanted hair, is improved.

  • Hair growth is boosted.

  • The healing process is very fast in both the donor and recipient areas

  • Most importantly, transplant results become better.


This is the proven to be the safest method because it has no incisions, which means no cuts, scars, or even stitches. The person can maintain the desired length of the hair without the fear of any scar on the scalp. The person can lead his normal life from the very next day. This type of method is highly considered nowadays because it leaves no marks or infections and is now highly trusted among users.

But as there are so many advantages, but there also lie some disadvantages which are very important to know.

  • A limited number of grafts can be extracted per session.

  • There are often issues related to mechanical trauma.

  • If the grafts are not handled properly, they could die.

  • The procedure should always be carried by an expert or, otherwise, it can result in over-harvesting.



  1. Considering the experience of the surgeon is very important because body hair is very different from scalp hair and should be studied and operated upon carefully.

  2. Along with the experience of a surgeon, it is very important that one considers the team experience because the direction and texture of body hair are very different from that of scalp hair. Both of them need to be mixed properly for better results and growth.

  3. The correct extraction of donor’s hairs, storage and hydration of the extracted grafts.

  4. The slits should be made very carefully as they determine the direction of the hair being transplanted.

  5. Minimum FTR that is the Follicular Transplant Rate in which a careful approach should be applied and the use of the right technique, damaging as few grafts as possible.


So, it is very important that we turn our eyes and see all the possible aspects, advantages, and disadvantages of each and every method and then decide which method to opt for. Body hair transplantation has come a long way because of its many advantages. Now it’s time that we reconsider our conventional methods.

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