At Spex's suggestion, I've taken a few more photos showing the front of my hair under different lighting conditions.

Brushed forward normal lighting

Brushed forward flash

Brushed back normal lighting

Brushed back flash



Unfortunately, progress has been rather disappointing. After a spate of growth around the 3-4 month mark, particularly around the temples, there has been little growth at all of note in the past month. If anything, some areas seem to be thinner than a couple of months ago. Growth at the front in the middle has been virtually non-existent.
I realise it's only six months still, but there has been very little sign of any new hair coming through in the past month, compared to 2-3 months ago, so I am not optimistic.
Also worrying is the scar, which is still very prominent. I'm starting to conclude that this is not down to shock loss; I think there has been stretchback which is why the scar looks so wide.